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The Leading Executive Recruiter in the United States for the Plastics and Packaging Industry

Executive Recruiter for the Plastics and Packaging Industry in the U.S.A.

Making a career move takes trust. Top candidates won’t make a career move unless they know it’s a smart step to advancing their long-term career goals. In the plastics and packaging industry, Evans & James is trusted by employers and candidates alike for our ability to identify the right opportunities for candidates.

30 Years of Leadership in Plastics and Packaging

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Through the ups and downs of the economy, Evans & James has watched the plastics and packaging industry flourish. It has never been such a competitive environment, with critical positions going unfilled in want of good candidates, and top candidates hard to come by. While the plastics and packaging industry faces great prospects, the leaders in this industry will continue to be the ones that are able to attract the best talent.

Decades of experience has taught us how to recruit the best people in the toughest markets. The days of popping an ad online and waiting for the perfect candidate to apply are long gone. The best people aren’t looking for jobs, and people don’t search for what they’re not looking for. Good people have to be hunted, and enticed, and that’s why you need Evans & James.

Recruiting in Plastics and Packing Is All About Trust

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There are 7 million articles on Google about ways a candidate can know if they should trust their recruiter. There are whole sites devoted to finding out if a certain company is a good employment fit or not. Obviously, making a career jump is a make-or- break decision for a candidate. Their decision to apply, interview and accept a position will depend on how comfortable they feel about making the move, and a good executive recruiter can foster just
such a feeling.

Over the course of three decades in the plastics and packaging industry, we at Evans & James have been able to build up the one thing that matters most when it comes to gaining the trust of top-level applicants, and that is our reputation. We work diligently to put the right candidate in the right spot, not just fill an order.

Recruiting Millenials in the Plastics and Packaging Industry

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Studies show that in many ways, millennials desire the same thing other generations want in a career position: Stability, opportunities for advancement, and a real chance to make a difference. However, millennials are more risk averse than previous generations, and this makes them more eager to find career opportunities with companies with good reputations, which they may believe can shelter them from possible adverse career outcomes.

This highlights the strength of the Evans & James name in the plastics and packaging industry. As the industry’s premier recruiter, we have long been trusted to consider the needs of the candidate in the recruitment process. We work for the employer, but we would never put forward a candidate who we knew was not going to be well served by the opportunity. That integrity means as much to millennials as to anyone.

Manufacturing Recruiting in the Plastics and Packaging Industry

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Many manufacturing positions in the plastics and packaging industry can be trained in just a few days or weeks. Experience is less important in these jobs than whether the candidate has the right temperament, work ethic, and character to work within your company’s unique culture. In fact, a Harvard study of employment recruiting says that poor cultural fit can be the leading cause of turnover in an organization.

When recruiting for manufacturing positions in the plastics and packaging industry, we take culture and character into account using an advanced set of tools we’ve developed over the years, tools which we have carefully calibrated to find the best candidates for every employer. By recruiting the best people who are the right fit for your manufacturing positions, we can help you improve productivity and morale, while reducing turnover.

A Recruit Who Gets Results in the Plastics and Packaging Industry

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A Deloitte study found that is takes more than 90 days to fill the average skilled vacancy, like many in the plastics and packaging industry. The cost – in lost productivity – of these unfilled positions runs in the tens of billions of dollars, and can be devastating to any organization. It is not usual today to find companies in this industry today with dozens of unfilled positions in research, sales, marketing, warehousing and manufacturing.

When you engage Evans & James, we make a commitment to work tireless to find optimal candidates for you positions, using every tool in our arsenal to woo them, entice them to interview, and ultimately to take the position if it is a good fit for them. When you say go, we get busy, and stay busy until your job is filled.

Evans & James is the leading recruiter in the plastics & packaging
industry in the United States. We are well known in the industry for our expertise, our integrity, and our ability to attract the very best candidates, even in very difficult recruiting environments.

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